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Flute and Piano Duo

Mercè Medina, flute

Laura Serra, piano

Cas Músic, July 2021
Illustration: Marina Uguet
Design: Elena Zafón

This collection of works for flute and piano is a small tribute to composers from yesterday and today. With it, we aim to bring you sounds and melodies that have captivated us, and that come to life only when performed and listened to.





Amanda Jane Fox

A composer, educator, English flutist, and pianist. She is well-versed in the timbral possibilities of both instruments. In her music, we find influences from different styles that she combines in an elegant manner.

'Infinity' is her most renowned work, featuring grand, expressive melodic lines alongside faster, rhythmic movements.

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Mel Bonis

She was a French composer and pianist from the late 19th century. She studied at the Paris Conservatory alongside the great musicians of her time. Despite having a rather complicated personal life, she was very prolific as a composer, writing highly varied works for vocal ensembles, chamber music, and orchestra.

The sonata for flute and piano is one of her most well-known chamber pieces. Written in a style characteristic of late Romanticism, it explores sounds and atmospheres reminiscent of French Impressionism.

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Mercè Pons

She was a Mallorcan composer and educator. She wrote for various ensembles always with a personal, intimate, and sensitive style. In the spring of 2021, she wrote 'Transformacions' in collaboration with the duo Músiques d'Elles. The piece was premiered and recorded in the same year

'Transformacions' is an intimate piece that explores and plays with the most subtle sounds of the flute and piano. The piece revolves around a quote from Marcus Aurelius: 'Nature transforms every object, and in this way, one thing and another in turn reach eternal youth,' focusing on nature and the constant changes it undergoes.

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Amanda Harberg

She is an American composer, pianist, and educator, recognized for her work ranging from film scores to chamber music. Her style is highly eclectic, blending compositional styles with a modern touch and influences from jazz. 

Court Dances' is a three-movement suite reminiscent of Baroque dances, but reinterpreted using a modern style and exploring the limits of timbral and sonic possibilities of both instruments.



Lili Boulanger

She was a French composer and pianist from the early 20th century. She lived during a politically tumultuous period and passed away at a young age due to illness. Nevertheless, she studied composition with her sister Nadia Boulanger and wrote a significant amount of high-quality music.

The nocturne is the first of two short pieces, showcasing the characteristic style of late French Romanticism.


January, 2022

he physical format of this album includes a booklet where you can find information about the different pieces and composers, along with a fantastic illustration by MARINA UGUET IBAÑEZ and designed by ELENA ZAFÓN.

We always enjoy collaborating with our colleagues who want to share their art.

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