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We advocate for women's space within classical music, performing and sharing music composed by them.

Músiques d'Elles is a project created with the intention of reclaiming the musical space for women in classical music. Through programs in various formats, they perform music composed by female composers who have been forgotten or relegated to the background throughout history.

The ensemble is comprised of three young performers from the Balearic Islands: Laura Serra on piano, Paula Martos on cello, and Mercè Medina on flute.

The group began as a flute and piano duo in 2020 and recorded their first album in June 2021. The album, titled 'Músiques d'Elles,' is a collection of works for flute and piano paying tribute to both past and present female composers. With this album, they aim to bring forth captivating sounds and melodies that come to life only when performed and heard. On this record, they premiere and record the piece 'Transformacions' written by the Mallorcan composer Mercè Pons, commissioned for the occasion.

In 2022, cellist Paula Martos joined the ensemble, and together they performed in various venues across the Balearic Islands and Catalonia. They were awarded the second prize in the Art Jove 2022 competition in the chamber music category.

Always seeking new challenges, they work to constantly expand their repertoire, explore new projects, and pursue collaborations that can enrich the group.



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Contact us to collaborate. We work with contemporary composers to showcase and premiere their works.

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